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Hi there! We are Gaieva's sisters and we cannot live without a combination of aesthetics and beauty, so we bring them into our lives. Join us!

Alina is the artistic foundation of the brand. Creates paintings, graphics, illustrations and tattoos, gives aesthetics and feelings.

Karina is the fashion foundation of the brand. Creates clothes, accessories, embodies comfort and style in everyday forms.

Being yourself means being different!

The brand was founded in 2017 and is the best combination of art and fashion.

Thousands of connoisseurs joined our community and received quality clothing, paintings, tattoos and book illustrations.

Today we are building a sustainable business with style and nature in mind. We carry a subtle sense of aesthetics and comfort.

Our products will not only be a decoration of your home and wardrobe, but will also bring brightness to everyday life.

Ми завжди раді допомогти вам відчувати себе щасливими.

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